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(Solved) Windows 10 Search Bar not Working?

Recently I have faced wired issue, When I click on search text box nothing happens and I was not able to search anything. The menu doesn't pop up and I can type anything into the search box.  Windows 10 search is very helpful to launch app by simply selecting the corresponding app first letter.

If you are facing Windows 10 search, then follow below solutions,

1. Kill Windows 10 Search process

To kill Windows 10 search process, go into Task Manager, find SeachUI.exe, SeachFilterHost.exe, SeachIndexer.exe, SeachProtocolHost.exe and "End the process tree" as shown below.

2. Restart Windows Search Service

If your issue does not resolve after killing Search process, then restart Windows search service. To do that, press “Win + R,” type "services.msc" and press the Enter button to open the Services window.
In Service Windows find "Windows Search" service and restart it as shown below.

3. Kill Cortana Process
In some cases due to of Cortana search menu does not work, in that case you have to kill Cortana process as shown below. To do that open Task manager and Kill the Cortana and Cortana Background task host process. 
4. Raster PC
If none of the above option works for you, The last option is restart your PC.


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