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vSphere 6 vMotion Features Long-Distance and vMotion across different vCenter Servers

VMware vSphere 6 will offer support for long-distance vMotion and cross-vCenter vMotion. VMware also previewed a revised Fault Tolerance feature that adds support for multiple vCPUs, acknowledging that a single vCPU limitation makes Fault Tolerance all but useless for most virtual machines (VMs).

Long-distance vMotion, will allow Infrastructure Administrators to seamlessly migrate running Virtua Machines from one Data Center Server on one side to the other side vSphere Server.

Below are the new vSphere 6.0 vMotion Features

vMotion using routed vMotion networks.
Long-distance vMotion between two Data Centers.
vMotion across different vCenter Servers.
vMotion across virtual switches and Virtual Distributed Switches.


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