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[Tutorial] How to Install VMware Tools in Ubuntu 14.04 VMware Workstation 10 Virtual Machine

In previous post we learn How to Install Ubuntu 14.04 in VMware Workstation 8. It is necessary to install VMware tools on Virtual machine as it contains all necessary required updates for all your mouse,display & network drivers. Now I will show you how to install VMware tools on Ubutntu 12.04 LTS in VMware Workstation 8.

VMware tools installation is easy & straight forward so lets get started.
Right Click on Ubuntu Virtual machine & click on “Install VMware Tools” as shown below,

It will mount a CDROM under Ubuntu VM. Right on the mounted VMware Tools folder & click on “Extract to” to extract VMware tools files. In my case I am extracting files on my Desktop folder.

Now you can see the VMware tools  files has been extracted on my desktop

Now open Ubuntu terminal to execute the VMware Setup file (perl executable).  To open Ubuntu Terminal Hold down the Super Key (that is windows key) and then use ALT+B and ALT+L.
Go to VMware tools folder & execute below command.
#sudo ./vmware-install.pl

You can see the VMware tools has been installed. You can verify the version of it by running below command in Ubuntu Terminal.


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