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[Guide] How to Install & Configure Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.2

Unitrends Enterprise Backup comes in three options

HARDWARE APPLIANCES - The Unitrends Recovery-Series family of appliances delivers backup, archiving, disaster recovery and instant recovery in a shrink-wrapped package

VIRTUAL APPLIANCES - A powerful all-inclusive software-only solution, Unitrends Enterprise Backup™, available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

CLOUD PROTECTION - True disaster recovery of entire premises from an off-site disaster recovery location.

Operating System Requirement
Download Unitrends Enterprise Backup only on a 64‐bit workstation running a Windows 2008 or newer operating system. You cannot deploy Unitrends Enterprise Backup on a 32‐bit operating system.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup comes in three edition Free, Enterprise and NFR (not for resale) editions and below is the comparison in between all three edition.

So lets start with the  Unitrends Enterprise Backup installation,
First Download  Unitrends Enterprise Backup & run Unitrends_Enterprise_Backup[VMware].exe and select Run.
Click on Next to continue

Select folder where you want to extract Unitrends Enterprise Backup ovf file.

click Extract.

Click on Finish to complete the Setup wizard.

Now you can see the extracted Unitrends Enterprise Backup OVF files in the destination folder.

Now open the vSphere client and connect to your ESXi server and click on File-> Deploy OVF Template.

Browse & provide the extracted Unitrends Enterprise Backup OVF file path and click on Next.

Click Next.

If you want change the Virtual Machine name & click on Next.

Select Destination Storage to install  Unitrends Enterprise Backup.

Click on Finish to Deploy Unitrends Enterprise Backup OVF template. Select "Power on After Deployment" option to power on the VM after deployment.

Once the Unitrends Enterprise Backup VM turn on you will get below. Now we will need to configure network settings. By default Unitrends Enterprise Backup IP address is Now we are going to change it.
So select option 1 to set IP address.

select option 1 to set IP address,Netmask and Gateway.

Select Network Adapter. In my case I am having only one network adapter.

Edit network configuration by pressing Y on keyboard.

Now setup your IP address, Subnet mask & Gateway as shown below.

Now you can mange your Unitrends Enterprise Backup server using below IP address via Internet Explorer.

Once your Unitrends system is configured on the network, you can setup, managed it from any workstation or server on the network. To log access the system, direct a web browser to:
https://<system IP address>/
At the login prompt, enter username root and password unitrends1.
Accept Unitrends Enterprise Backup license agreement to continue.

 Click Next to continue.

Set the Date and time of the System.

Now set New Root Password for your  Unitrends Enterprise Backup console.

If you want to Add additional system users add it in this setup or you can Add it afterwards.

Click Next to continue.

In this setp you can add Client Computer that you want to be protected. Click on "Add Client"

Provide Computer Type & Administrative Username details and click on Setup.

Click on Finish the Unitrends Enterprise Backup initial wizard.

To backup Virtual machine in Unitrends Enterprise Backup follow below steps,

TO restore Virtual machine follow screen shots,

Conclusion - Unitrends Enterprise Backup is very easy to configure & great product. Main feature of the Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition is you protect 8 VMs and its free forever.


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