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Vmware Workstation 8 Windows Cannot Read the settings from the unattend answer file

Today I have faced one issue whileinstalling Windows 8 Developer Preview on VMware Workstation 8 .0 build 471780. Step By Step Installation Guide To Configure VMware Workstation 8 on Windows 7 I have created NewVirtual Machine for Windows 8, but while installing Windows 8 it gives me “VmwareWorkstation 8 Windows Cannot Read the <ProductKey> settings from the unattend answer file” error. And Windows 8 virtual machine keeps on rebooting…In VMware Workstation 8.0 “Windows 8″ Version is a not available under.
Error Message,
Solution for above error message is to remove or Disconnect “Floppy” from your Windows Virtual Machine.  (Actually autoinst.flp. file contains the ProductKey & autoinst.flp is mounted when you start the VM)Power off Windows 8 Virtual Machine & Go to Virtual Machine settings & remove the Floppy. Now you can installWindows 8 without any issues. Enjoy!!

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