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VMware ESXi vSphere 5.5 announced & will be available in first week of september 2013

VMware vSphere 5.5 announced and with general availability will be the week of September 9 2013 likely.
Below are feature of vSphere 5.5 storage
There are bunch of new strage related features announced by vmware such as,
1. Virtaul SAN (VSAN)
2. vSphere Flash Read Cache
3. 62TB VMDKs and vRDMs
4. 16Gbit FC E2E Support
5. Microsoft Cluster Services Enhancements
6. PDL AutoRemove
7. VAAI UNMAP Improvements
8. VMFS Heap Improvements
9. Storage DRS, Storage vMotion & vSphere Replication Interop
Also ESXi 5.5 free has now removed previous 32 GB ram limition which was in ESXi 5.0.
Below are ESXi 5.5 free version new features,
Physical RAM restriction removed
8 vCPU per VM limit
LSI SAS support for Solaris 11
Most guest OSes also support AHCI
Support 30 devices per controller, up to 4 controllers with total of 120 devices
Enablement for new CPU architectures
AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) support
SATA controller supports both virtual disk & CDROM on controller
ESXi, there is no SCSI CDROM support, only IDE
Mac OS X has stopped support for IDE, CDROM will require AHCI controller


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