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Step By Step How to Upgrade Team Foundation Server 2010 & 2012 (TFS 2010 & TFS 2012) to Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS 2013)

With the recent launch of Visual Studio 2013 i.e TFS 2013, I have received request regarding upgrade process from TFS 2010, TFS 2012 to TFS 2013. Upgrade process is very smooth, easy & less painful. In this post I have explained upgrade process with all steps & screen shots, so it will be easy to upgrade existing TFS 2010,TFS 2012 to TFS 2013.

The upgrade process is similar for both TFS 2010 & 2012 if you want to upgrade to TFS 2013. As upgrade process has not changed significantly since TFS 2012.

TFS 2010 Software Requirement,

TFS 2013 now requires Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher as well as SQL 2012 SP1 (CU2 recommended) and higher.  Microsoft no longer support Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, or SQL Server 2012 RTM.  If you use SharePoint, we now require SharePoint 2010 and higher.

For more Hardware & Software requirement Please check MSDN page.

So lets get started,

  • I have prepared two Windows Server 2010 x64 bit Virtual machines for my TFS 2010 & for SQL 2012 Enterprise Server.
  • Installed TFS 2013 & SQL Server 2012 on Virtual machine. Please make sure version of old SQL Server & use the same version while upgrading TFS server to 2013. e.g. If you are using enterprise edition then use SQl 2012 enterprsie else you will face lots of issue while restoring TFS backup. 
  • Backup TFS 2010/2012 server SQL backup. Use SQL Management server to take backup of SQL TFS server.
  • Restore backup of TFS 2010/2012 server on new SQl server 2010 using SQL management studio. Restore all TFS backup & do not miss anything.
  • Now you are all set to upgrade to TFS 2013. Lets start the upgrade process.
Open TFS Administration Console and click Configure Installed Features & click on Upgrade.

Click Next to start the upgrade process..

Enter name of SQL server instance & click on List Available Databases to list all exiting database names which we restored from TFS 2010 SQl server to new SQL 2012 server & Click Next.

Enter Service account details which we are going to use for TFS Application tier & click on Test to check the entered login credentials & click Next to proceed.

 Check Configure Reporting for use with Team Foundation Server & click Next.

Enter Reporting Service Instance details (i.e. SQL Server name) & click on populate URL's

Enter Team Foundation Server Warehouse Database SQL instance name & click on Test. Also clikc on List Available Database to list the database details.

Enter Analysis Services SQL server instance & click on Test. You will get error message if SQL client tools is not installed TFS 2013 server. So install SQL client tools if you get error if you click on test.

Click NEXT to proceed.

Select Use Current SharePoint Settings & click Next.

Click on Configure.

Click Next to start the upgrade process.

Now upgrade has been completed successfully.

Now if you want to use exiting SharePoint Server then upgrade will very easy. If you are planning to use new SharePoint then it will be very complicated. As you need to upgrade SharePoint Services from 3.0 to 2007 & then from 2007 to 2010 & to 2013. If you want to use latest SharePoint 2013 features. Or go with exiting SharePoint.

To install SharePoint 2013 foundation for TFS. Select Configure extensions for SharePoint products.

Click Next to continue.

Click on Install SharePoint Foundation 2013

Now SharePoint 2013 is installed successfully.

Now specify the SQL server instance for SharePoint 2013 & click Next.

Enter SharePoint farm Account details & click next.

Click Next to complete the upgrade process.

Now open Team Foundation Administration Console & go to Application tier & reverify the paths i.e SQL server instance, Web Access URL, SharePoint & Reporting services URL. If required change the URL path & test the Path.

If you want to move reporting service backup from old SQL server to SQL server 2012. Please follow below which cover all steps.


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