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Step By Step Guide to Configure VMware vCenter 5.5 SSO

This guide will help you to configureVMware vCenter 5.5 SSO. With the release of vCenter 5.1 VMware has introduced new feature i.e. SingleSign on. Now with new release of vCenter 5.5 SSO configuration is more easy & comfortable.
What is SSO?
vCenter 5.5 Single Sign On authentication mechanism make your VMware environment more secure and it allows various VMware vSphere components communicates each other using secure token exchange mechanism to tighten the overall security.
So lets start, In my environment I have installed vCenter Server 5.5. Now I need to hook my vCenterServer to my AD. So first you need to open your vSphere Web Client URL i.e.
https://vCenter Server IP:9443/vsphere-client
Enter your SSO Admin user login credentials, for vCenter Server 5.5 user will be the“administrator@vsphere.local” & not “admin@system-domain” like vCenter 5.1..
Once you login to the Sphere web client portal go to Home->Administration->Single Sign-On->Configuration page, Click on “+” sing to add new identity source.
Select identity source as “Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication”. It will automatically populate your domain name i.e. in my case corp.mytricks.in. Click “ok”
 Here you can see the your added Active Directory server as your new Identity Source.

Next add the new identity source to the default domains by clicking “Add to default domains” in the top bar as shown below.

Click “Yes” to continue.

Now login to vCenter Server 5.5 via vSphere client. Go to Permissions tab & right click in User/Group field & click on “Assign Permission”

Select Assigned Role as “Administrator” & click on Add.

Select your domain & user to whom you want to provide permission. Click OK.

Now you can see the newly added user name.


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