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Step By Step Guide How to migrate tfs 2013 project collection to new server along with Sharepoint & Report Server

I have faced issues while migrating TFS Server project collection from one server to another, as process is complicated & no easy documentation available for the same. Follow below steps to migrate TFS source Control, Work Items, Reports & SharePoint sites.
So let get started,
1. Open “Team Foundation Server Administration Console” & Stop the TFS project collection which you want to migrate to new server.
TFS Project MIgration to new server 01
2. Now Detach the project Collection as shown below,
TFS Project MIgration to new server 02
3. Now open SQL Management Studio on TFS SQL Server & backup the TFS project collection which you want to migrate,
TFS Project MIgration to new server 03
4. Now open SQL Management Studio on Target SQL Server & restore the backup of TFS Collection DB,
TFS Project MIgration to new server 04
5. Now Open Team Foundation Server Administration Console go to Application Tier, Team Project Collections, click to Attach Collection. Now your restored database will appear here. Sometime you might will face issues with Team Foundation server version so you might need to install TFS 2010 Service Pack 1.
TFS Project Collection Restore 01
6. Assign Name to project collection & click next
TFS Project Collection Restore 02
7. Click on Verify.
TFS Project Collection Restore 03
8. Click on Attach to attach new collection.
TFS Project Collection Restore 04
9. Click on close to complete the process.
TFS Project Collection Restore 05
10. Now your TFS project collection DB has been restored & attached to the new TFS server. Now we need to modify our Sharepoint to the new URL. SO open Visual Studio & connect to the restored TFS project & change the SharePoint URL from old to new URL.
TFS Project Collection Restore 06
TFS Project Collection Restore 07
 11. Now we need to back & restore SharePoint & Report Server backup
First of all we will backup SharePoint & Report server
1. Go to TFS Server & backup Sharepoint,
stsadm -o backup -url http://mytricks-tfs-01/sites/TestCollection -filename c:\sps.bak
ON SQL Reporting Server
rs -i GetReportsFromServer.rss -s http://mytricks-sql-01/reportserver
you have to download GetReportFromServer.rss before backup of report server & here is the link Download GetReportsFromServer.rss

Now copy backup files to the target server,
To restore backup run below commands,
On TFS server to restore sharepoint run,
stsadm -o restore -url http://mytricks-tfs-02/sites/TestCollection -filename c:\new folder\sps.bak
Go to the new SQL server & download PushReportsToServer.rss fromDownload PushReportsToServer.rss
Now Open Command prompt & RUN
rs -i PushReportsToServer.rss -s http://mytricks-db-02/reportserver
After restoration don’t forget to process Data Warehouse and Analysis Services Cube on new TFS server..


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