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Microsoft Lync client for Linux

You can use Pidgin the universal chat client with third party Pidgin lync plugin as a Lync client for Linux.

Follow below process to install Lync client on Linux.
1. Here I am using CentOS to install Pidgin
2. Download Pidgin & SIPE plugin for Pdgin from below locations,

SIPE Plugin for Pidgin

3. First install the required files for Pidgin SIPE using below command on centOS
# yum install libpurple-devel gcc libtool intltool glib2.0-devel gettext-devel libxml2-devel
4. Now extract downloaded SIPE package
# tar -xzvf pidgin-sipe-1.11.2
5. Go to extracted directory & compile the SIPE 
# ./configure –prefix=/usr
# make
# sudo make install
6. Now its time to install Pidgin
You can install Pidgin directly via yum or by downloading source code,
# yum install pidgin
7. Now open pidgin & enter your login credentials server details etc. as shown in below screen shots
8. once you open Pidgin it will ask you to add account. So click on add 

9. Select Basic tab & select office communicator as a Protocol. And enter your username & password as shown below,
10. Select Advanced tab & enter your Lync server details, in my case its lync.mytricks.in
11. In proxy setting select “No Proxy”  & click on ADD.
12. Now accept Lync certificate
13. Here we go now you can see the contact list,
14. Here is the chat conversation


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