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How to export Microsoft Lync Archiving Data

Allows you to export records that have been stored in the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Archiving Database.
  1. Open Lync Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Monitoring & Archiving-> Archiving Policy & enable archiving.
  1. Login to the Lync front end server
  2. Open lync server management shell & run below command to export archiving data,
PS C:\Users\santosh> Export-CsArchivingData -DBInstance sql.mytricks.in -Start
Date 05/20/2011 -OutputFolder “C:\Archiving” -UserUri  santosh@mytricks.in
Create target output folder for archiving data (e.g. C:\archiving)
  1. Export-CsArchivingData will create multiple date wise folders under C:\archiving folder
  2. Just go to any of the folder & change archiving file extension from eml to mht as shown below. & open the archive file in internet explorer or any other browser.


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