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How to enable Lync user via Lync PowerShell

Below steps will guide you for enabling Lync users via PowerShell,

1. Login to the Lync Front end Server.

2. Open Lync Server Management Shell.
3. Below command will enable user on Lync,

PS C:\Users\santosh> Enable-CsUser -Identity “santosh”  -RegistrarPool lync.mytricks.in -SipAddress “sip:santosh@mytricks.in”

4. Now enable Enterprise Voice feature for the user,

PS C:\Users\santosh> Set-CsUser -identity “santosh” -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true

5.  If you want to assign a Telephone number to the user to receive outside calls use below commands,
PS C:\Users\santosh.s> Set-CsUser -Identity “santosh” -LineURI tel:+1234567890


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