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[Guide] Microsoft Lync Client Certificate Installation Steps

Copy certificate chain from one of the working machine to the affected machine,
  1. Now install certificate chain in trusted root. Double click on the Microsoft Lync certificate & click on “Install Certificate”

2. Click on “Next”
  1. Click on “Place Certificate in the following store” & click on “Browse”
  1. Select “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” location to store Lync certificate & click OK.
  1. Click on “Next”
  1. Click on “Finish”
  1. Click on Yes to install this certificate.

  1. Try to login to the Lync client…
If it fails try below options,
  1. Open Lync client & click on options icon & select Tools->Options as shown below
  1. Click on Advanced tab
  1. Select Manual Configuration & add Internal Lync Server name or ip address IP Address of Lync Server & click on OK
  1. Now enter your username & password (e.g. santosh.s@doamain.name ) & click on Sign In


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