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[Guide] Installing VMware Data Recovery 2.0 for Vmware vSphere 5.5 (ESXi 5.5)

Download VMware Data Recovery 2.0 from www.vmware.com Locate the VMwareDataRecovery_OVF10.ovf file inside downloaded ISO file. It is located under “VMwareDataRecovery-\VMwareDataRecovery-ovf-x86_64″ You can use pismo file mount to mountISO images. Pismo file mount is freewareutilityDownload Pismo File Mount
Login to the vCenter Server & select the host where you want to install the VMware Data recovery virtual machine. Click file->Deploy OVF template as shown below,
 Specify the path of your VMware data recovery OVF file i.e. “VMwareDataRecovery_OVF10.ovf”
 Click next to continue,
 Accept VMware license agreement & continue, 
 Assign name to your Virtual machine & click next.
 Specify the datastore you would like to install VMware Data Recovery
 Select your timezone,
 Click finish to deploy ovf file.
 Deployment is completed, so click close.
 Now your VMware data recovery VM is up & running. You can access/manage your VM via browser as shown below to manage it. To set static IP address to your VMware data recovry server click on configure Network as shown below.
 Specify the IP as shown below, its easy & straight forward.
 Now we have deployed VMware data recovery tempalte. Now its time to install VMware Data Recovey Plugin. Click on VMware Data Recovey Plugin to begin the Plug-In installation.
 Click next to continue,
 Click Next
 Accept VMware license agreement,
 Click close to complete the installation process,
 Now login to your VMware host via VI client to enable VMware Data Recovery plugin, as shown below.
 Right on plug-in to enable it.
 Now Login to your VMware host via VI client & go to the home page & click on VMware Data Recovery tab as shown below.
 Enter your VMware Data Recovery Server IP & click on Connect option. In next article I am going to show how configure & take backup/restore VM via VMware Data recovery option.


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