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[Guide] Configuring VMware Data Recovery 2.0 for Vmware vSphere 5 (ESXi 5)

In last article we learn How To install VMware Data Recovery 2.0, now I will show you how to configure VMware DataRecovery 2.0 to take Virtual Machinebackup.
Now we are ready to begin configuring the backup jobs. For new VMware Data Recovery Installation, a wizard will start up to assist you in configuring your first backup job. Connect to vCenter Server 5 via VI Clinet & open VMware Data Recovery as shown below,
 Enter your VMware Data Recovery IP Address & click on Connect.
For new VMware Data Recovery Installation, a wizard will start up to assist you in configuring your first backup job. If not right click inside “Backup” windows & click on “New”,
 Assign name to your backup job.
 Select VM’s which you want to backup daily,
 ”Add Network share” to store the VM backups,
 Click continue to add network share,
 In URL put your network share URL & provide login credentials to access the share location,
 Now you can see the added network share as shown below,
 Here you can configure the backup windows. VMware Data Recovery starts Virtual Machine backups any time witihin the specified backup window. 
 Set your retention policy as shown below.
 Click finish to complete.
 If you want to run backup at any time. Just right click on Backup Job & select backup Now option.


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