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[Guide] Configure Openfiler 2.99 with VMware vSphere 5.5 (ESXi 5.5) iSCSI Storage

In my last article we learn How to Install Openfiler on a VMware Workstation 7.1. Now we are going to configure shared storage on Openfiler.
Now we will add an additional disk for our Openfiler installation. This disk will be used as the shared storage and is the storage that we will present to our ESX server.
Edit virtual machine settings of Openfiler & click on “Add”,
 Select Hard Disk & click next,
 Select the option to Create a new virtual disk then click Next.
 Select SCSI option & continue,
 Enter the disk size that you want to create for openfile iSCSI storage. In my its 20GB
 Click next to continue,
To configure Openfiler open openfiler URL in your web browser. 
https://OPenfiler IP Address:446
select the option to Continue to this website (not recommended) option.
Enter Openfiler Administrator default Username & password  
password= password
 Click on “Volumes” -> “Block Devices” & select hard disk which we added in above steps. This hard disk we are going to as a iSCSI shared storage.
 Click on create to create partition,
 Now new partition will be created as shown below.
Click on “Volumes”->”Manage Volumes”. Assign name to your Volume Group & Select the physical volume to add in the volume group as shown below,
 Now click on “Volumes”->”Add Volumes”
Give Name,Size & Description to your Volume as shown below. Select File System/Volume type as block(iSCSI,FC,etc) & click on “create”
 Now your iSCSI volume is created as shown below,
 Now its time to “Enable” & “Start” iSCSI Target service.
 Now go to “Volumes”->iSCSI Targets”
 Click on “ADD” to add new iSCSI target.
 Now click on “LUN Mapping” & click on MAP to map the LUn’s to target.
 Go to Network ACL & allow your network. In my case I have allowed my test network.


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