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[Guide] Configure Openfiler 2.99 with VMware vSphere 5.5 (ESXi 5.5) iSCSI Storage Part 2

Check below Openfiler installation parts before proceed,
[Guide] Installing a Openfiler on VMware Workstation 7.1
[Guide] Configure Openfiler 2.99 with VMware vSphere 5 (ESXi 5) iSCSI Storage  - Part 1
Lets continue,
Now Enter a username and password for CHAP authentication as shown below.
 Now we have configured our Openfiler. now its time to configure VMware vSphere 5 server to work with Openfiler 2.99. Login to your vSphere 5 server via VI client. Navigate to “Configuration”-> “Networking” & “Add Networking”
 Select “Vmkernel” tab & click next
 Select Network Adapter for VMkernel.
 Enter a network label. Tick on “VMotion” & fault Tolerance logging tabs. In my below screen shot its not selected.
 Then enter an IP address for the adaptor, along with subnet address. Then click Next
 Click on finish.
 Now we have added VMkernel port as shown below.
Click on Configurations->Storage Adaptors->Add. 
 Select “Add Software iSCSI adapter” & click on “OK”.
 When prompted click on OK.
 Highlight the iSCSI Software Adaptor and click Properties.
 Click on Chap,
 Enter your CHAP credentials which we mentioned while configuring Openfiler.
Click on Network Configuration tab & click on Add. Now select the VMKernel port which we created in earlier step & click on OK.
 Click on Dynamic discovery tab & click on ADD.
 Mention your “OpenFiler” server IP address & click on OK.
 Now we have mentioned our iSCSI traget.
 When prompted click on Yes to scan all Software iSCSI adapters.
 As shown below you can see the Openfiler iSCSI disk.
 Now its time to add storage. Navigate to Configuration->Storage->Add Storage,
 Select option “Disk/LUN”
 Select Openfiler iSCSI Path & click next,
 Select file system version, in my case its VMFS5 for vSphere 5.
 Click Next.
 Assign name to your Datastore,
 Click on finish.
The storage will now be available for use.


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