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[Guide] Configure Microsoft Lync & Audio Codes Analog Phones

Most of the clients want to retain their old analog phones, so here I am going to show how to configure Audio Codes MP 124 gateway with Microsoft Lync server.
Audio Codes MP124 is 24 port FXS gateway, so that we can connect 24 analog phones to it.
So let’s get started..
  1. We need to configure new IP/PSTN in our Lync Topology; here we are going to use Audio Codes MP124 as our gateway.
  1. Define your media codes gateway IP & port number & click on OK.
  1. Now associates the new audio codes gateway with our mediation server.
  1. Now assciates your gateway with Mediation server & click on OK.
5. Now publish your lync topology
After Lync configuration we need to configure Audio Codes MP 124 gateway. So let get started..

  1. Configure Network setting of your audio codes gateway such as IP address, gateway & dns. You can refer audio codes user manual for the same.
  2. Now set the Proxy & Registration option of the Audio codes gateway
  1. Proxy Sets table will look like as below
  1. Now go to SIP general parameter & set the SIP TCP local port. Here I am using 5060 as my mediation server PSTN gateway is listing on 5060.
  1. Now go to Endpoint setting s to configure the endpoint telephone configuration,
(i.e. Protocol Configuration->Endpoint Number->Endpoint Phone Number). My MP124 is 24 port analog device & supports 24 analog phones, So I have assigned separate telephone for each channel, accordingly I can assign 24 phone numbers to each channel..
  1. Now go to Hunt setting configuration
  1. Go to Tel to IP Routing
  1. Now Burn/Save the configuration of the Audio Codes gateway.
Now again go back to your Microsoft lync & create analog extension.
New-CsAnalogDevice -LineUri tel:+1234567890 -DisplayName “Analog Device” -RegistrarPool lync.mytricks.local -AnalogFax $False -Gateway -OU “ou=users,dc=mytricks,dc=local”
Now connect your analog phone to audio codes box & make call to any Lync extension…mi


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